Soft Skill Traning Program

  • This workshop Career Skills Program will focus you to look and understand the necessity of being prepared for the Interview Process. All the knowledge and skills you have learnt over the years will be tested by a person who does not know you. Hence, you should be in a position to exhibit your strengths which shall enable your employment.
  • This program has been designed exclusively for the freshers like you, after understanding the shortcomings of the students when they face the Interview Process. Many a times a good candidate is lost in the Interview because of bad preparation and presentation. Hence, I advise you to be attentive and undergo the process of the workshop to equip better and become competitive during the Interviews.
  • This workshop is designed to be participative and you will all be put to work on certain key aspects that are important for you. On such activities give your best and clarify all your doubts in the process.